Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Title sequence - Final Edit

Title Sequence- Final Edit

This is the final edit and final version of our title sequence, The Journey.

Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts

I believe that at the beginning we struggled a lot with time management and sacrifices, we did hardly any work as a group and we failed to do work together but as time progressed we saw that working together was the best way to get work done and get it done to a reasonably high standard. I believe that now we are a much better group and the work that we have produces is much better than we all expected.

As my blogging and evaluation goes i think that at the beginning I did not put in enough work and was on track for failure but then I realised that not putting effort into it will only lead to nothing so I started to work harder and hopefully it will pay of as I believe that overall I have done a good job in both blogging, evaluating and contributing in the group projects whether that be filming or planning

Evaluation Part 7

Evaluation Question 7

Question: What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing the product?This is the last of our evaluation of our title sequence project, in this audio we discuss what we believe we have learnt from filming our preliminary task to now finishing our final task.

Sunday, 16 April 2017

Evaluation Part 6

Evaluation Question 6

In this video we discuss which different media technologies we used in the process of creating our title sequence as well as what we have learnt whilst using them.

Evaluation Part 5

Evaluation Part 5

How did you attract/address your audience?

Firstly, I believe that we attracted and addressed our audience by creating a character that appealed to many males of different ages as the different problems that he faces are some that most boys will have to face and what men have most probably already encountered. In The Journey we see our protagonist Jack portrayed at two different ages one when he is 12-13 and the other 17-18, this helps us attract a wider audience as it will appeal to boys aged between 10-20 as the younger audience will want to see what they can become if they work hard and the older audience can see what they could have done differently. All of this could be related to real life issues, the common interest of football or having dreams of being successful. In addition to this our media product could also attract an older audience as the story line may bring a nostalgic feel of following dreams and aspirations they had when they were younger.

Furthermore, the star power that we have in the movie, with Tom Holland, (who plays our protagonist) who is due to play Peter Parker in the upcoming Spider Man film and Jacob Tremblay, (who plays younger Jack) who featured in Smurfs 2. We felt that these two up and coming, young actors would be perfect for or film as they will relish at the chance to be in an independent and niche film such as ours. We do believe that have these actors featuring in our media product we will attract a wider audience as they are not only young but well known and well received actors to.

On top of this we also asked the groups in our class to watch our title sequence and give us feedback on what they thought went well and what we could improve on. As a whole the feedback was not very positive as most people didn't understand the narrative. We found the feedback beneficial as we knew what we had to improve on and what will help attract and address our audience.

Evaluation Part 4

Evaluation Question 4

Evaluation Part 3

Evaluation Question 3

In this Youtube video we discuss the fact the our film is an independent film and as a result this will limit our options on distribution. This is because we haven't got a big enough budget in order for us to advertise and release our film to a mass audience.