Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Title sequence - Final Edit

Title Sequence- Final Edit

This is the final edit and final version of our title sequence, The Journey.

Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts

I believe that at the beginning we struggled a lot with time management and sacrifices, we did hardly any work as a group and we failed to do work together but as time progressed we saw that working together was the best way to get work done and get it done to a reasonably high standard. I believe that now we are a much better group and the work that we have produces is much better than we all expected.

As my blogging and evaluation goes i think that at the beginning I did not put in enough work and was on track for failure but then I realised that not putting effort into it will only lead to nothing so I started to work harder and hopefully it will pay of as I believe that overall I have done a good job in both blogging, evaluating and contributing in the group projects whether that be filming or planning

Evaluation Part 7

Evaluation Question 7

Question: What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing the product?

This is part one of our evaluation of our title sequence project,in this audio we discuss what we believe we have learnt from filming our preliminary task to now finishing our final task.

Sunday, 16 April 2017

Evaluation Part 6

Evaluation Question 6

In this video we discuss which different media technologies we used in the process of creating our title sequence as well as what we have learnt whilst using them.

Evaluation Part 4

Evaluation Question 4


Evaluation Part 3

Evaluation Question 3

In this Youtube video we discuss the fact the our film is an independent film and as a result this will limit our options on distribution. This is because we haven't got a big enough budget in order for us to advertise and release our film to a mass audience.

Evaluation Part 2

Evaluation Question 2

How Does Your Media Product Represent a Particular Social Group?

My media product can represent a few different social groups, but the main one has to be the working class.

This is because the main focus of our film is to show how Jack can go from a single parent household with the one source of income which is clearly not enough to support the family to a successful rich footballer that can support his mother and still afford many expensive luxuries for the both of them. Once Jack became the famous and wealthy football star his personality had a drastic change for the worse he went from being very humble, caring and passionate young man to a egoistic, arrogant and very boastful of his talent which shows how much fame can change someone.
In addition to this, working class individuals usually seek immediate gratification thus our protagonist being deeply passionate about football however he did have a begin to doubt his ability in the sport which was furthered by the hostility of his "friends". As a result of this, similarly to young working class kids today, it is likely that Jack would've given up on his football dream in order to pursue an average 9-5 job. However due to the support of his coach who was a father figure in Jacks life, he was able to guide Jack in the direction of his dreams and keep him motivated and passionate which essentially led him to his success. This is also a great example of the elderly social group that is seen as very wise and inspirational.

Despite Jack letting fame get to his head he continues to posses both traits from working class and upper class man. Although he becomes quite conceited, everything he's revisited by his past he becomes very humble and emotional. An example of this is where in one scene he's looking at his football top from his childhood team and he is very sentimental and deep in thought. This shows that he still remembers where we came from and the struggles he faced to get there.